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Beautifully done about a woman married to a much older man who finds herself discontent with her life as he begins to show unwelcome signs of his age Rosaleen thinks about her past younger men who still admire her and the disadvantages of being married to someone who is no longer the virile and strong man she marriedPorter does a marvelous job of imagining both sides of this situation and resolves it in a way that I found most satisfying It reads like a novel than a short story being long enough to The thirty seventh book on the Penguin Moderns list The Cracked Looking Glass by American author Katherine Anne Porter was one which I was particularly intrigued by In this story which was first published in 1922 a passionately unfulfilled woman considers her life and her marriage This woman is named Rosaleen she has been married to Dennis thirty years her senior for over two decades and the pair live on a farm in rural ConnecticutI particularly enjoyed the opening scenes of the story in which Porter sets both scenes and the complexities of marriage with precision and beauty She writes Dennis heard Rosaleen talking in the kitchen and a man s voice answering He sat with his hands dangling over his knees and thought for the hundredth time that sometimes Rosaleen s voice was company knees and thought for the hundredth time that sometimes Rosaleen s voice was company him and other days he wished all day long she didn t have so much to say about everything Porter is so aware of her characters flaws and how these adapt with the passing of time During their anniversary dinner for instance He looked at her sitting across the table from him and thought she was a very fine woman noticed again her red hair and yellow eyelashes and big arms and strong big teeth and wondered what she thought of him now he was no human ood to her Here he was all Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, gone and he had been so for years and he feltuilt sometimes before Rosaleen who couldn t always understand how there comes a time when man is finished and there is no to be done that way The Cracked Looking Glass is uite tender in places Of Rosaleen Porter writes She wished now she d had a dozen children instead of the one that died in two days This half forgotten child suddenly lived again her she began to weep for him with all the freshness of her first agony now he would be a fine Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, grown man and the dear. 'She only wished to prove to herself she was once on a trainoing somewhere'A passionate unfulfilled woman considers her life and her marriage in this moving novella by one of America's finest short story writersPenguin Modern fifty new books The Cracked Looking GlassS works A peculiar little story decidedly unimpressive in both its writing style and the plot there isn t much of one unimpressive in both its writing style and the plot there isn t much of one but it managed to utterly charm me The psychological precision the tender portrayal of old age the realism of Porter s characters all came together to create a well rounded believable emotional slice of life story You might happen not to but I loved it This book is a weird one because while I did enjoy reading it I can t think of anything in particular to highlight The best parts were just little lines of dialogue but the stories were decent as well The book started with thrill but as the plot oes up the story becomes lucid Lots of extra pulling of the situation I don t want to recommend this A powerfully atmospheric marital *PORTRAIT OF AN AGING HUSBAND AND HIS MUCH YOUNGER * of an aging husband and his much younger The domestic parts of it were wonderful the wife s regrets she s working so hard not to think through her realisation of what her life must look like reflected in the eyes of her neighbours but also the husband s thoughts on his marriage and his utterly unuestioning acceptance of their respective roles these were fascinating to read from a modern perspective There is a substantial dose of racism and xenophobia in this book the protagonist a read from a modern perspective There is a substantial dose of racism and xenophobia in this book the protagonist a Irish woman who immigrated into the US as a young woman views everyone else as foreigners without once contemplating that she too is a foreigner The book is also a facinating portrayal of the small scale social roupings of the early 20th century where people from the next town or another county not countRy were deemed of bad character and never fit to marry a person from one s own undeniably much superior little hamlet in that sense while it was somewhat disturbing to read it made me very lad that we have at least left this very small scale of discriminating against each other behind us maybe there s hope after all Wonderful wee book One of those short novels that offers a snapshot of an entire life enough detail for you to fill in the aps yourself I ll take that any day over an over descriptive tome Subtly brilliant writing dialogue free indirect speech and a third person narrator who is not uite able to keep their opinions to themselves Sort of a precursor to what Denis Johnson did years later in Train Dreams. Aw Lem and George Orwell to Shirley Jackson; essays radical and inspiring; poems moving and disturbing; stories surreal and fabulous; taking us from the deep South to modern Japan New York's underground scene to the farthest reaches of outer spa.

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Love of her heart Given that this is a short story there is a lot of depth here and we learn a lot about the pasts of the characters and how this has affected their present day livesThe looking Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections glass of the story s title is suare in shape and positioned in the living room There was writes Porter a ripple in thelass and a crack across the middle and it was like seeing your *face in water Throughout the story Rosaleen herself in it * in water Throughout the story Rosaleen views herself in it Porter records her thoughts With this techniue and the scenes which she records Porter has been able to create a fascinating portrait of a complex and complicated and incredibly realistic woman The Cracked Looking Glass also presents a searing portrait of a troubled marriage in a skilfully crafted way I was reminded somewhat of Katherine Mansfield whilst I was reading one of the highest accolades which i could of the highest accolades which I could not so much because of Porter s prose style but due to the way in which she builds her characters and their histories Well that was disappointing a well written book of nothing A young Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 girl marries a man thirty years older than herself moans and whines about it until the endIf Katherine Porter is considered one of America s finest short story writers then please don t let me read the bad ones A short novella in a series that isreat for introducing readers to new and old authors in bite sized chunks This does convey a lot in a few pages You near enough By Words Alone get to read about an entire life up the the present when it was written There is no real plot or progression but it does evoke a sense of belonging and how a character doesn t feel like they do 3 stars Worth a look but also nothingroundbreaking here uick and classic Nothing much happens other than a short trip to the city but Porter s evocation of an ageing couple s uiet life is riveting There s a certain dose of tenderness for the characters flaws especially Rosaleen who is something of a dithering lying racist heap of vanity Porter never excuses them just mocks them the way you d mock your own relatives The prose is finely chiselled and at the end of the read you ll feel like you ve just visited your strange country reat aunt and uncle The ones who never uite realised they were bored with their lives and could have had it betterNow for the rest of Porter. Elebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary international flavour Here are authors ranging from Kathy Acker to James Baldwin Truman Capote to Stanisl.

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