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Hie s thoughts on the book me reading a book like this without having read one by Jane Austen was a little bit cheeky but totally doable As Sophie points out in her review this novel is aimed at a younger reading audience and may even serve as an entry point to entice younger readers to move on to read Pride and Prejudice or Emma in the future Reading The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley mostly reminded me that I really need to get to at least one of her classics before the decade is through Copy courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing I m also a book blogger VeeBookishARC provided by NetGalley my opinions are unbiasedWhat I wanted from this book was balls flirting and epic romance that I root for all the way through I wanted to feel like I d stepped into the pages of a Jane Austen novel I wanted to enjoy every ball and be rubbing my feet in solidarity at the end of the night I wanted to be devastated when a major event happens and leave the final page with a smile on my faceWhat I got from this book was an incomplete unsatisfying story about two cousins who were as close as siblings a couple of balls that only lasted a page or two an incomplete cast these novels run on the strength of their overall cast after all a weird history lesson about thieves and an ending that left me thinking is that seriously itI won t pretend I ve read every Austen book but I do love two things Austen movies and Lucy Worsley I so surprised at ust how bad this book was There wasn t any romance to root for I ll spoiler tag who the girls chose below most OF THE STORY DIDN T SEEM the story didn t seem go anywhere and the ending seemed to ust cut off with the main character writing the first page of off with the main character writing the first page of story before telling us in the historical notes that she never actually became a writerview spoilerFanny didn t marry the one guy she d focused on since the first ball but stayed at home to raise her siblings not marrying until 27 Anna ditched the guy mentioned in the book and married another but we are only told this not shown so really there was no romance in this book at all hide spoiler. And breaks an engagement Fanny is forced to leave the marriage market when her mother dies and she has to look after ten siblings She learns the secret of Jane's wealth and self possession she is of course a writer and decides to follow in her footsteps. .


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The Austen GirlsA historical fictional account of Jane Austen s two teenage nieces 35 starsAnna Austen has always been from people that she much marry rich as her whole life depends on 35 starsAnna Austen has always been from people that she much marry rich as her whole life depends on the amount of pressure though While on the other hand her cousin Fanny was chilled and had the choice to choose who she wanna marry but has been under pressure as well as she does not know who is the right one for her Asking her Aunt Jane for advice on The Austen Girls centres around Jane Austen s nieces Fanny and Anna primarily although the other 9 nephews and nieces also feature In this story with some facts but with a lot of imagination thrown in Jane Austen lives with her brother his wife and their 10 children Jane spends a lot of time in her room writing although the family think it letters as they are completely unaware of her fame even whilst reading the novels themselves Fanny the eldest niece is preparing to come out which has a completely different meaning in Georgian times Being presented at her first ball when she was 16 she arrives with her cousin Anna both hoping they will be asked to dance and not be fated to sit on the sides pitied by the other women Talking about finding a husband also takes up a lot of their time as they know that is the best option for women to rely on being kept as women making their own money was unheard of This is ironic when Aunt Jane has made her own money yet can t tell the family The first half of the book is taken up with trying to find husbands and feelings of ealousy when one of them becomes engaged However the book becomes interesting when Fanny becomes involved in trying to prove the innocence of the local curate who is faced with transportation to which WAS CONSIDERED AN AWFUL PUNISHMENT AUNT JANE FEATURES GIVING considered an awful punishment Aunt Jane features giving on discovering what true feelings are rather than going along with what is expected of their rankThere is an accurate depiction of life in middle class England in the Georgian period as would be expected of an historian and the book is pitched at a young audience This is a lightweight. By turns thrilling dramatic and inspiring this is the story of Jane Austen's life as you've never heard it beforeIt is 1809 and Fanny and Anna have ust been launched on to the ruthless Regency marriage market by Fanny's mother think Mrs Bennet But lucki. ,
Read and probably helps if you know how young girls were expected to behave at the time otherwise it may come across as uite behave at the time otherwise it may come across as uite Jane Austen is portrayed well being intelligent and considerate and somewhat uirky of her time Opening lines The belle of the ball 5 out of 5 starsIf you love Jane Austen then you will love this Written for a YA audience it s the story of two of anes nieces Anna and Fanny Centred mainly around fanny we see their adventures and wishes to be heroines like those in the Books This Book Also This book also some of the real problems that happened to girls in this era Loved it so much I have never read a single book published by Jane Austen but am well aware of who she is This brilliant book is about the lives of the Austen family or especially the lives of young Fanny and Anna Both girls have come of age to go to their first ball and start their hunt on finding a husband The girls both meet a gentleman named Mr Drummer and Fanny becomes very well auatinted Mr Drummer is unfortunately set up for a crime he did not commit and is placed in the house of correction The story follows as Fanny investigates the crime and tries to solve it to free Mr Drummer In doing so she learns that life is not ust about finding tries to solve it to free Mr Drummer In doing so she learns that life is not ust about finding husband and with the help of her Aunt Jane discovers that certain circumstances can change everything Rating 275 out of 5 starsThe Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley set in 1809 is a coming of age story of Jane Austen s two nieces Fanny and Anna who are dedicated to finding a husband for themselves through attending balls and meeting an honorable and a wealthy man as necessitated by Fanny s mo This was a delightful little aunt I m a huge fan of Lucy Worsley She s an historian TV presenter and Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces and I ve watched almost all of her documentaries Her latest book The Austen Girls explores the life of Jane Austen from the perspective of her nieces and I knew I d need some help reviewing it Luckily for me young reviewer Sophie Harris came to the rescue Check out my blog to see Sop. Ly their mysteriously wealthy Aunt Jane is there to guide them and help them make better choices ie don't get married at allJane plays detective to help them rescue a falsely accused friend from being transported to Australia while Anna impetuously makes.

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