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Indow into the blue sky He fucked me in the EastHe Fucked Me In The WestHe Fucked Me SouthMy Cock fucked me in the WestHe fucked me SouthMy cock his mouthHe fucked me NorthNo sperm shot forth God this was long and derivative and obsceneI think my favourite out of this collection was the one titled America which really reminded me of The 1975 s song I Like America and America Likes Me aha This new collection of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg s work Television Was a Baby Crawling Toward That Deathchamber is the second book in the Penguin Moderns series Whilst the poems have been printed before in Ginsberg s Collected Poems 1947 1977 2006 THEY HAVE NOT APPEARED IN they have not appeared in particular selection beforeThroughout the admirable poems xhibited here Ginsberg tackles many issues which were contemporary to him atom bombs the political system in the United States Communism the Cold War propaganda the state of the world and oppression to name but a few With regard to their approach some of the poems here are far structured others read like stream of consciousness pieces or monologues In Television Was a Baby Crawling Toward That Deathchamber Ginsberg presents a fascinating and creative view of a bygone time whose issues are still relevant to our twenty first century world Despite the vulgarity at times the wordplay here is impressive and there is such a variance to the selection which has been made I have wanted to read some of Ginsberg s poetry for a long time simply because he is considered to be such an important voice in 20th Century literature Having read this short book I am now gratef. Lem George Orwell to Shirley Jackson; ssays radical and inspiring; poems moving and disturbing; stories surreal and fabulous; taking us from deep South to modern Japan New York's underground scene to the farthest reaches of outer spa. .

I am so confused this guy MAKES NO SENSE I DON T no sense I don t some Goodreads reviewers impressions of Ginsberg as incoherent whiny or vulgar his work in this volume is indeed marked by an ambitiously wide reaching actually global perspective that rails and pleads by turns against increasingly dominant imperialist and capitalist forces in world and US politics of his time but a look at his biography which being asily nough available online I don t fault Penguin for leaving out of this volume as in the other Mini Modern Classics of this set reveals a sincere and lifelong preoccupation with these issues that manifested in travel study of Eastern religions and activism His supposed incoherence can study of Eastern religions and activism His supposed incoherence can ascribed both to the breadth of the themes he wishes to address which to my mind still come through in clear thematic units despite the abstract lusive or obscure individual lines allusions and images and to his receptivity to different forms of consciousness inspired by meditative practice family history of mental illness personal hallucinatory and mystical The Man Without a Face experiences andxperiments with a range of drugs The volume also presents a range of Ginsberg s work with samples taken from his 20s to his 70s Taking the author s life story broad social network and culturalhistorical context into account should help us see him as something than a juvenile provocateur as some seem to but rather as a distinctly American voice with a conscientious worldly perspective conditioned by upbringing and deep personal xperience with *the world around and within. 'Wives in the avocados babies in the tomatoes and you García Lorca what *world around and within. 'Wives in the avocados babies in the tomatoes and you García Lorca what you doing by the watermelons'Profane and prophetic verses about sex death revolution and America by the great icon of Beat poetryPenguin Modern fifty new books celeb. While a few pieces were interesting the over all feel was the ramblings of a whinerI want some whine with my foodVintage whineA Ginsberg red whineRed whineThe kind of whine that will make you sickA whine from the beatAs red as the meat I atA whine that will fall with
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FUCKLike I because the meat is oldA Ginsberg whine that leaves me coldMescaline bullshit to goGinsberg bullshit styleSHIT FUCK CUNT BOLLOCKS because I canRed whine that punctures the skinPotty mouth shit will make a legendA dated writer of whine it s not mineThe meat is coldMy Ginsberg 58 is staleWhineRed whineGinsberg whine the kind Of Books I Hate And I Would books I hate and I would if I could I would love to give it ZERO stars but I can t I understand why Ginsberg is an important icon of his times and the transformation of poetry and admire the candid matter of factly manner of his xhibitionism but I m afraid his poems are overall not really my cup of tea There were a few images I liked about the American social landscape he was in at the time they were so powerful I could picture it though I can t recall any verses once I ve put the book down Ginsberg is considered one of the greats for good reason His abrupt and invigorating language is xciting and interesting Some critiue him as being aggressive but in a time where being gay Jewish and a communist was a deadly combination his refusal to be made silent is heroic A true pioneer of sexual and political liberation Ginsberg s lines are profane yet profound fuelling many revolutionsTo see Void vast infinite look out the Rating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series with ach one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary international flavour Here are authors ranging from Kathy Acker to James Baldwin Truman Capote to Stanislaw. ,

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